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Hands-On Carpet Cleaning Training Courses With A Difference

Welcome to the UK’s most comprehensive ‘hands-on’ carpet cleaning training courses.

We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning training courses that teach the essential theory, practical skills and techniques used in carpet and upholstery cleaning – with a difference.

You get to benefit from hands-on work experience on a variety of jobs in the actual homes and businesses of our customers, guided every step of the way by our experienced cleaning technicians.

Carpet Cleaning Training Courses

Our Philosophy And Passion

This is where we’re supposed to tell you the usual BS.

Sure, we could quite easily write something that would read exactly the same as most training companies out there.

You know the drill – “our tutors are experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning trainers with x amount of years industry experience who will teach you how to clean carpets and upholstery to the best professional standards. We have numerous professional qualifications and we’ll teach you all you need to know to start a successful business in ….. one day.”

But there’s an elephant in the room (or two, to be precise).

The problem with most training courses is that they’re purely classroom based.

And they’re usually run by the equipment manufacturers themselves.

But how can you gain the vital “on-the-job”, problem-solving experience when you’re sat in a classroom waiting your turn to glide a wand over a sample piece of carpet or upholstery?

And how can you gain any understanding of which products and equipment best suit your circumstances when there’s only one brand being used?

Now, before we proceed, let me be clear.

We have attended multiple manufacturer led training courses over the years and the standard of tuition and knowledge is excellent.

There is no such thing as too much professional training.

But during the very early days of starting our carpet cleaning business, I always left these courses lacking a little in confidence and with a few nagging questions and doubts remaining.

What would I do if I encountered x scenario on a job?

How do I know this is the best machine for my business?

Is there a better product to use on this particular stain from a different brand?

Sure, I plugged the gaps in my knowledge with multiple courses over time – and with the help of some incredibly generous people in the industry – but the carpet cleaning course I really wanted to invest in never existed.

Until now.

The Way We Work

The Carpet Cleaning Masterclass was founded for one simple reason.

We wanted to create the course we wished was available when starting out in the industry; a course that offers real life carpet and upholstery cleaning work experience and business strategies in addition to covering the practical theory side of the profession.

And with no affiliations, we give you the opportunity to trial and use various brands of machinery and products, including truckmounted, portable and rotary machines, along with assorted pre-sprays and stain removers from all the major brands.

We’re obsessed with providing our trainees with tangible value, and with offering forward-thinking, real-world small business growth strategies.

We talk the talk and walk the walk.

Keyboard warriors abound in this industry. You’ll find no shortage of opinions and arguments.

But if you can’t grow and run your own successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business, how can you advise or train others how to do so?

We are first and foremost, a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning company

We love what we do and we’re constantly learning and training in our own business.

The drive to start this training company was instilled by the sense of fulfilment we feel when we help someone achieve their goals.

And we will do everything we can to ensure that each and every person leaves our training courses more knowledgeable, confident and positive.

Our goal is to play a part in helping you get you where you want to go in the shortest space of time.

Get in touch today: 07464 936286

Our Carpet Cleaning Training Courses

Our training courses provide you with the vital experience you’ll need via classroom and live “on the job” training in our clients’ homes.

Yes, we offer the ubiquitous one day classroom based courses that teach the essential theory and practical skills that will give you the basic grounding and knowledge needed before cleaning your first carpet or upholstered sofa.

But we also offer a more comprehensive 5 day course with practical hands-on training days working alongside our cleaning technicians on our actual jobs.

There are also a range of bespoke training days available, including online marketing workshops and one-to-one training.

Maximum Results In Minimum Time

The aim of our courses is to mirror and teach the strategies we used to grow our own carpet and upholstery cleaning business, Edwards Jeffery, from one female owner-operator, to four full-time technicians within five years.

We don’t claim that our way of doing things is the the best, or indeed the only way.

But we do know how to get pretty decent results, starting from scratch with zero experience and no customer database.

And to actually achieve those results, you need a proven working process that results in satisfied customers, and the skills and knowledge of how to actually acquire those customers with a limited budget.

Our courses put the power in your hands and cut through the noise to teach you the absolute essentials of growing a carpet cleaning business in 2017.

Our goal is to help you disrupt your marketplace and leap ahead of your competitors in whichever area you operate.

We go the extra mile in providing a level of value that most carpet cleaning courses simply can’t offer.

Quite simply, we believe we offer the fastest and easiest route to growing your business and getting you off to a flying start.

All the good stuff, none of the fluff.

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