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3 Factors that Help You Build a Database of Great Customers

3 Factors that Will Help You Build a Database of Great Customers

All your marketing materials and everything you do tells a story about your business.

The tone of voice on your website, emails, leaflets and paperwork…

The colour, design and images displayed on your website.

Your pricing.

The way you answer the phone and respond to messages (especially your response time), all contribute to a customer’s impression of your business.

Carpet Cleaning Database

Some carpet cleaners tell a lazy, indifferent story. Bland paperwork, bland website, bland company.

Others tell something a little more interesting.

If you clean carpets for a living, it should be pretty obvious you need to clean them to a high standard. But having the experience, knowledge and ability, won’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful in this business.

Intelligent positioning is vital to your success.

Here are just three factors that help you sell your story and attract enough of the right customers, at the right price.

Your web presence

It’s hard to impress your customers if your website is dated and clunky.

Your site doesn’t need to be anything flashy, but it should be professional, up-to-date, easy to navigate and contain written content that keeps your readers engaged.

Likewise, you don’t need to be a hip social media or blogging guru, compelled to update multiple platforms every day … but there’s nothing that screams “we’re no longer relevant!” louder than a web page that hasn’t been updated in several months.

It comes down to priorities …

If you have the time to scroll your personal Facebook feed for hours every week, you have the time to write a new blog post and update your social media pages with something relevant.

Your tone of voice

Take a look at your website and sales literature. What does your writing convey and who does it attract?

  • Is it lacking in detail and effort?
  • Filled with bland, irrelevant industry jargon?
  • Littered with spelling mistakes and sloppy grammar?
  • Approachable?
  • Professional?
  • Copied and pasted, or unique?

You don’t have to be a great writer. Personal and friendly communication at the expense of perfect English is absolutely fine.

But please don’t be one of those businesses that punctuates their correspondence with LOL’s and adolescent text-speak.

I’m lmfao just thinking about it.

Your professionalism

I can’t tell you the amount of times we’ve re-cleaned after another company simply because the customer was concerned the job hadn’t been completed to the highest standard.

Sometimes, they’ve done a perfectly satisfactory job – but there’s a niggling doubt that the customer can’t put their finger on.

Impressions are formed in an instant and perception is everything; particularly with the older generation.

  • Do you return emails and voicemails as soon as possible? (this makes a significant difference to conversions).
  • Do you arrive clean and tidy and wearing a uniform?
  • Polite and friendly?
  • Turn up on time?
  • Do you have the courtesy to call and let a customer know you’re running late in advance?
  • If requested, do you respond to complaints and return – no questions asked and no charge – if a customer feels you’ve “missed a bit?”

If you want to attract and retain the right customers, you need to be consistently professional from the very first point of contact to the last.

You might only be a carpet cleaner, but if you present your business and tell your story in the best possible light, you’ll be the only carpet cleaner your customers will consider hiring.













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